We Are a Design & Technology Studio. Our team have 5+ years of experiences in crafting UI, UX and developing technology for digital products. We believe in beautiful, effective and meaningful design.

Here is What We Do

  • Interface & Experience Design

    Interface & Experience Design

    Having a beautiful and effective interface design is not just a “nice to have” feature. We believe it will change your whole product experience.

  • Website & Mobile Apps

    Website & Mobile Apps

    Seamless digital experience across all platform. We are good at building website, iOS, Android, and of course BlackBerry and Windows Phone too.

  • Digital Product Strategy

    Digital Product Strategy

    The core of successful product is strategy & execution. Together we build, plan and make your product come true while making the users happy.

The Family

  • Richard Fang

    Richard Fang

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Andoko Chandra

    Andoko Chandra

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Deon Sukma

    Deon Sukma

    Front End Developer

  • Art Blanc

    Art Blanc


  • Phendy Chandra

    Phendy Chandra

    Software Engineer

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