SisSae Qipao

Elegant, sexy, full of allure, full of mystery & timeless.

Sissae is a brand that specializes in providing high quality cheongsam or ‘qipao’ with modern twist, exclusively designed according to latest trend in fashion.

Sissae Qipao
Sissae Architecture

A Clear Information Architecture

The most important thing for every website is information architecture. We make it so simple so users can easily browse all SisSae Collections in a breeze. What’s unique about this project is SisSae is dividing the products in season (or Episode) so it must have a master category at the top.

So users knew which collection is the newest and which one they want to see and buy.

Sissae Content Sissae Content
Sissae Content

Let The Content Shine!

SisSae’s collections is stunningly beautiful, we understand this, and the best solution is to amplify that factor with minimalist and modern layout design.

We also use soft color pallete to match it with SisSae’s bold, beautiful and stunning product photos.

Sissae E Commerce

Custom Built E-Commerce Platform

We built the e-commerce platform from scratch so it meets the personal need of SisSae. We also provide the platform with custom built analytics that tracks views, orders & sales. So SisSae can adjust their marketing strategy and execute accordingly from a real and clear customers data.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL

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